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Posted by Donahue Real Estate Company on 8/7/2013

The following is the weekly Single Family Home sold in Walpole, MA. If you would like more detailed information about a home or homes sold, we will provide that information as requested. The home sale data is important because it is fresh evidence of how the real estate market in Walpole is performing. Sold data is the true barometer when conducting a market analysis. Some consumers and real estate agents wrongly use current available properties as a lead basis for pricing analysis. Although, current inventory pricing should be considered because of competition factor. The true meaning of a home present value is what like/similar homes have recently sold for. The following homes closed between 7/16/13-7/22/13. 5 Mason St., 2BR/1BA, Bungalow, DOM=6, SP=$230,000 66 Lake Ave., 5BR/2BA, Colonial, DOM=20, SP=$445,000 124 Polley Ln., 5BR/3BA, Cape, DOM=4, SP=$449,900 10 Lois Dr., 6BR/6BA, RRanch, DOM=347, SP=$599,000 7 Kevins Way, 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=342, SP=$639,900 3 Yonker Pl., 4BR/2,5BA, Colonial, DOM=136, SP=$752,450 33 Granite St., 4BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=128, SP=812,500 The following homes closed between 7/23/13-7/29/13. 26 Adams Rd., 3BR/1BA, Ranch, DOM=4, SP=$291,000 80 Pocahontas St., 3BR/1.5BA, Cape, DOM=18, SP=$322,000 92 Allen St., 4BR/1.5BA, Colonial, DOM=18, SP$380,000 239 High Plain St., 3BR/2.5BA, Spilt, DOM=3, SP=$427,500 7 Butterfield Ln., 3BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=19, SP=$440,299 7 Foliage Dr., 3BR/2BA, RRanch, DOM=9, $445,000 2 Sandy Valley Dr., 3BR/2.5BA, Cape, DOM=35, SP=$459,900 10 Hobart St., 3BR/1.5, Ranch, DOM=5, SP=$455,000 105 Lincoln Rd., 4BR/3BA, Colonial, DOM=364, SP=$535,000 4 Skyview Dr., 5BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=6, SP=$655,000 The following homes closed between 7/30/13-8/6/13. 21 Chapman St., 2BR/1BA, Bungalow, DOM=26, SP=$288,000 3 Eastover Rd., 3BR/2BA, Ranch, DOM=5, SP=$360,000 22 Gould St., 3BR/2BA, Ranch, DOM=5, SP=$402,000 1187 West St., 3BR/2BA, Cape, DOM=78, SP=$402,500 26 Captiva Rd., 4BR/2.5BA, Cape, DOM=65, SP=$410,000 4 Flonun St., 4BR/2BA, Colonial, DOM=33, SP=$428,000 669 High St., 3BR/2FBA/2HBA, Cape, DOM=27, SP=$450,000 10 Riverside Pl., 5BR/1.5BA, Colonial, DOM=42, SP=$450,000 3 Beechwood Dr., 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=21, SP=$505,000 28 Ridge Rd., 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=6, SP=$530,000 4 Bartlett Pl., 5BR/2FBA/2HBA, Colonial, DOM=14, SP=$575,075 651 South St., 5BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=6, SP=$631,900 32 Beethoven Ave., 4BR/2,5BA, Colonial, DOM=17, SP=$630,000 145 High St., 3BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=58, SP=$745,000 23 Jorie Ln., 4BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=43, SP=$750,000 There are currently 27 Single Family Homes under agreement in Walpole and 74 Single Family Homes on the market. To see all Single Family Homes available in Walpole click here.